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Gro, global payroll services for your international expansion

Is your business expanding across borders? Or do you want to hire talent abroad? International payroll holds a few challenges, like local legal compliance and flawless international payroll administration. We've got your back with SD Worx Gro, our global payroll services for companies starting their international growth.

Time to Gro your business.

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International Payroll

Organise your international payroll in no time

100% regulatory compliance

Trust our local experts to guide you through complex local regulations. That way, you’ll fulfil the in-country requirements for every foreign employee and avoid penalties.

0% error risk

Give yourself peace of mind by implementing smooth and accurate international payroll through a single secure way of working across countries with the backup of our experts.

Time Management
15% less time needed

Free up time by unlocking the efficiency a single platform to follow up on your global payroll and day-to-day queries.

100% transparent TCO

Reduce hidden costs with a unified Gro package for all countries, covering the full scope and quality assurance of payroll services and expert advice, all under one contract.

Start your global expansion with tailored payroll support

All your global payroll needs covered

All your global payroll needs covered

    In every new market you’re entering