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Team SD Worx

SD Worx is proud to be the main sponsor of the best women's cycling team in the world, which cares about results just like us.

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Team SD Worx

Not a coincidence

It is no coincidence that SD Worx, as a leading provider of people solutions, has chosen to sponsor the world's first women's cycling team. Like HR and payroll, cycling brings together talent, technology and team to tackle the toughest challenges - both in life and at work.

The line between work and life is increasingly blurred, which is why at SD Worx we create solutions for people for life. For work. For employers and employees. For you. The choice of a women's team is deliberate: at SD Worx and with many of our clients, the topic of diversity is high on the management's agenda. By supporting women's cycling, we want to put our best foot forward and enable female talent to realise their full potential.