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We bring the spark of success to the heart of your company to ignite people and grow your business.

We have over 75 years of experience in offering solutions that allow you to see people grow throughout their careers, from job search to career end.

We are up to date with everything related to the world of work, with particular emphasis on Europe and its specificities.
We translate our insights into sensible and practical solutions and inspiring trends, so that you and your employees are always one step ahead.

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  • We have 75+ years of experience in HR and payroll
  • We employ over 7,500 HR specialists
  • We serve more than 5.7 million employees every month
  • We serve over 90,000 customers
  • We deliver our services to over 150 countries around the world
  • We are present in 26 countries
  • In 2023, we achieved a consolidated turnover of more than 1,058 billion euros

    We support you in the digital transformation of human resource management, improving process efficiency and keeping costs under control. We help you meet the challenges of globalisation because we empower you to manage and develop your employees around the world in a manner that is consistent and consistent with company policy, but in accordance with local laws.

    We help to avoid technological investments that carry the risk of rapid "aging", or projects that last for years. With our intuitive and easy-to-use solutions, we help employees adopt new tools and make changes.

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      If you are passionate about the world of HR and payroll and modern technologies, or you are interested in work related to responsibility to others, such as payroll calculation and everything that comes with it, we can promise you one thing: at SD Worx you will grow and never fall into a routine.

      Our goal is to provide solutions that bring out the best in every employee. We also make people thrive through the opportunity to work with national and international clients from different sectors and sizes.

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